About Us

We position Kuwaiti youth to be leaders in the global economy.

As a youth-focused leadership & STEM academy, we teach an innovation mindset and promote capacity building that is needed to grow the leaders of the next generation.

How do we do this? 

We offer personalized, high touch teaching-style to youth, supporting them to discover and cultivate their interests - academic (STEM), business or social - then offering them opportunities to develop and execute on projects, with a focus on social impact.

What are expected outcomes?
1- Promote more competitive and successful university applications as well as better future college academic performance for the student, especially at Ivy League schools.

2- Prepare future leaders and workforce for the global economy by instilling a multi-disciplinary innovation mindset and cultivation of necessary skills.

We recognize that loving what you do and doing well in it launches a cycle of success. This has been the experience of the mentors in the program, especially on delivering results while transitioning countries and acclimating to new educational environments. 

“Luck is preparation meeting opportunity.”

Action Learning

MIT-style action learning and problem-learning approach.  This is done by first exploring their interests via virtual calls in the first three months of the program, followed by customized projects done virtually or in-person.

Problem Statement

COVID-19 revealed Gulf Arab countries’ vulnerabilities in a global economy. There is a need for greater economic diversification as well as ways to address rising healthcare costs.


Leadership lessons are delivered through action-learning by serving organizational community needs. Our students are coordinating and leading initiatives with local and regional organizations.