aLDP (adolescents leadership development program) is a year-long skills-building leadership and STEM school for 13-16 year-olds in Kuwait that uses best practices from MIT, Harvard, and Stanford.

To promote better educational and leadership achievements via personalized mentorship to develop and execute on projects with a focus on social impact.

Want to join our body of mentors and teachers?

Teacher/Mentor requirements:

● Must be working towards or have completed a graduate level degree, or a holder of a business degree from select schools

● Excellent verbal and written skills

● Strong problem-solving or analytic skills

● Good emotional intelligence

● Willingness to collaborate with and build rapport with students

● Prior experience moving between countries and strong cultural awareness or respect

● Data science, coding, or AI skills are given preference

● Project management experience preferred

● Prior teaching assistant, coaching, or mentoring experience preferred

Role description:

● Building rapport with students

● Helping identify strengths and weaknesses

● Assisting students in setting their career and project goals

● Developing student habits and skills to reach goals

● Promoting self-reflection and activating personal drive of students

● Connecting students with other resources as needed

● Meeting with students every other week with a 2:1 ratio

● Maintaining an updated slide-deck for the classes when applicable


Commitment to diversity

We do not discriminate based on gender, age, religion, orientation or any other factor. Choices of mentors are made based on assessment of program need, current student cohort needs, and applicant match.